What Size is My Truck Bed?

How to Measure a Truck Bed

Measure from the TOP of the bed, using only the inside measurements

Yes, Virginia, the old days are gone forever! You can’t mail a letter for 4 cents anymore. You can’t buy a loaf of bread for a quarter anymore. Gas hasn’t been 35 cents a gallon for decades. And there’s no longer any such thing as a pick-up truck with a “standard” length bed.  Continue reading

What the Hell is a Tonneau Cover & How Did it Get That Goofy Name?

The crew at TheTonneauCoverStore.com has sold and installed truck accessories in the Kansas City area since 1991. We’ve sold thousands of tonneau covers for every kind of truck you can think of.

Tonneau truck bed covers are called a lot of names, such as tonno cover, tanno cover, roll up cover, truck bed cover, truck tarp, pickup cover and a whole lot more. Whatever you call it, www.TheTonneauCoverStore.com is the place for finding the perfect tonneau cover to fit your truck and your needs.  Continue reading